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With the international break now underway, we thought we’d have a little bit of fun and give you our opinion on the best five beards currently at the club. With the recent arrival of Robert Snodgrass, he’s worked his way into the reckoning for a place – but who do we think is up for a facial hair Ballon ‘dOr from the Villa squad?

5 – Conor Hourihane

Hourihane Main.png

Conor’s facial hair is more of a goatee than a fully fledged beard, but it suits him. It gives him an air of experience, but is still not enough to make him look older than he is. We could see him with a thicker choice during winter.

4 – Henri Lansbury

Lansbury Large.png

Lansbury is evidently a man who likes to look after himself. He holds a well groomed beard that matches the man bun/pony tail. Shame he doesn’t put the same attention to his game week in week out compared to his appearance.

3 – Andre Green

Green Main.png

Styled in a way that screams “winger with flair”. Reminiscent of a young Thierry Henry. Offers youthful exuberance, which will be good to remind fans that he’s only 19.

2 – Birkir Bjarnason

Bjarnason Large

Icelandic warrior. You can tell that he’s Scandinavian. Could very easily play a Wilding extra in Game of Thrones. We think he should have this beard all year round.

1 – Mile Jedinak

Jedinak Main

Did you expect anything else? The man is the embodiment of the Villa lion embroidered upon his breast. If only he was blonde. Let’s hope he can roar like the lion he is when he returns to the squad.

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