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Amidst the abundance of theories and rumours circulating amongst and around Aston Villa at the moment, there are fans talking of the return of Christian Benteke, or even Ashley Young and Marc Albrighton.

Firstly, we’ll address the latter two.

Ashley Young is potentially in the best form of his life at the moment for top four favourites Manchester United. He’s not going to up sticks and come back to Aston Villa whilst he’s earning the money that he’s earning, playing regularly and potentially cementing himself into United folklore.

He’s also only thirty-two – meaning that he’s not looking for a final challenge or pay day, not yet anyway.

Whilst Marc Albrighton is a Villan through and through, and is often seen at Villa Park seeing how the side are getting on, he’s also not going to be gracing the Villa with his presence any time soon.

Only a few years ago, he was part of a Premier League winning side, and he’s still a first team regular for that exact same team. He’s still in the Midlands so not too far away from family, and has no reason to come to the Villa other than the fact that he’s a fan.

Moving finally on to the beast, Christian Benteke.

Fans have been calling for his return ever since his flop season at Liverpool. At the moment, he’s playing Premier League football, albeit being in a similar situation to the one he was in the season before he left Villa.

But the thing is – unless Villa get promoted and Palace go down, then he’s not even going to bat an eyelid at a potential move.

Benteke needs to play regular, high level football in order to continue progressing in his International career. Dropping to Championship Level would see him lose his place in the thoughts of Belgium manager Roberto Martinez.

And if we were to get promoted and Crystal Palace were to stay in the Premier League, it’s still hard imagine. Why would Benteke return to Aston Villa, albeit the club that put him on a international stage, and play for what would be his fourth club in three years – putting his domestic and international career at risk?

We’ll eat our socks if they happen any time soon Villans, but it’s time to stop beating a dead horse.

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