There’s a number of young talents on the books at Aston Villa, all who could fulfill their potential and become superstars either at Villa Park or another club.

The likes of Callum O’Hare, Jack Grealish, Andre Green, Easah Suliman, Hepburn-Murphy and a few others are tipped for greatness – but only a few of the players mentioned have received a decent run-out in the first team squad.

Before we delve deeper, we’ll give you a bit of an overview on Football Manager.

If you weren’t already aware, Football Manager is a football simulation game that has received widespread praise for it’s realism, and has been used by the likes of Sky Sports News to inform fans of new transfers to clubs.

It’s also been used by a number of databases which provide clubs the opportunity to analyse data on players before they’re signed.

A number of players have been scouted through the game and fans are often aware of star players before they sign for a Premier League club or a big European club.

The game has a number of scouts on their books which provide in-depth opinion on which players have the ability to succeed in the tough game of professional football.

Now, the big reveal.

The Villa player who could become a superstar is Keinan Davis.

That’s right. Big Keinan who has this season emerged into the first squad set-up and received interest from clubs such as Arsenal and Manchester United before signing a new contract with Aston Villa.

Keinan starts the game at a decent level of ability for Championship football, with the ability to grow to a four star potential.

He could even grow to a four-and-a-half-star potential with the right management, which is close to being world-class.

We simulated the game from 2017 to 2020, where Keinan has the world at his feet.

In 2020, Keinan is valued at £36,500,000 at the age of just 22.

He’s also been capped twice by England, scoring one goal for the international set-up.

Not only this, but the season before he scored 31 goals in 36 Premier League apperances, winning both the Premier League Top Scorer and the European Golden Shoe.

Villa managed to gain promotion in the game’s first season, which is the current season in real life.

He is also a ‘Highly Influental Player’ in the dressing room and is wanted by a number of clubs.

So there you have it, big Keinan has the potential to be the Premier League top scorer. Let’s hope he fills the potential that the game thinks he can reach.

You can see Keinan’s profile on Football Manager 2018 in the year 2020 below.

Keinan Football manager

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