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After the immense disappointment of that Play Off defeat to Fulham, Villa fans are now left questioning so many things, with a cloud of uncertainty surrounding Villa Park. Promotion would have put an end to all the problems, but now we face another season in the league below, you can’t help but wonder: What is going to happen to golden boy Jack Grealish?

Every Villa fan is well aware that Super Jack bleeds claret and blue, but he’s not a kid anymore and needs to think selfishly about his career. Grealish turns 23 in September and while he is obviously happy, comfortable and worshipped at Aston Villa, he is not playing at the level he needs to be, and staying at Villa would certainly keep delaying his England career. There is no doubt that Jack Grealish can be an England player in the future, with Terry claiming he could be “an England great”, but Southgate wouldn’t dare waste his time with the Championship so Grealish has to choose between his beloved club or the development of his career. He has developed hugely at Villa over the last couple of seasons, and it’s painful to think what could have been if that freak injury hadn’t occurred in pre-season, but he can only reach a certain level in the Championship while he’s playing against the likes of Wigan instead of Manchester City and clubs of that ilk. Playing with and against better players would improve his game no end, constantly learning and getting used to a higher level of football, that would then properly prepare Grealish for international football.

Could this season or next be the end of Jack Grealish’s Villa career?

If I could get 5 minutes with Jack Grealish, I’d beg him to stay (as I’m sure any fan would) but for the good of his career, no matter how painful it is to admit this, he needs to leave. There is no reason why he can’t move to a club like Leicester (who have displayed interest) and be a regular starter, having the same impact that he has in the Championship and getting the recognition he deserves, especially from Mr Southgate or anyone at the England helm. We’ve seen this season that even dominating the Championship from start to finish and being the main man in the title-winning side isn’t enough to get international recognition with Ruben Neves being snubbed by Portugal, so if Grealish wants an England career, he has to go to the Premier League. Realistically I can see him staying for one more season, and if it ends in the same disappointment as this one then that will be the end of Jack Grealish’s Aston Villa career. However if the 2018/19 season results in promotion, which is hard to see right now, then Grealish could be our answer to Steven Gerrard or Frank Lampard, and possibly England’s too.

Grealish has every right to leave this Summer, and no fan can complain if he chooses to. He will always be adored at Villa Park and if he is to leave then his career at both domestic and international level will thrive, but if he does decide to stay in Birmingham then Villa’s chances of promotion will be automatically improved. Every fan wants to see Grealish wearing the Villa shirt next season, but for the good of his potential international career, the boy wonder may have to part ways with the club that have given him everything.

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