Aston Villa Game of Thrones

A lot of the news coming out surrounding Aston Villa as of late sounds a lot like an episode of television blockbuster Game of Thrones, with betrayal, loans and the potential ‘death’ of the football club as we know it.

Realistically, nobody knows what is going on, what’s gone on, and what the plans are for the summer – never mind the season ahead – but some of the stories being bandied about by the mainstream media seem to be relatively dramatic in a time where the fans and the club really don’t need it.

Firstly, we have the betrayal of Keith Wyness – a red wedding of sorts in Tony Xia’s eyes. The suspended Aston Villa chief’s conduct is being investigated following claims that he attempted to place the club in administration behind Xia’s back, as well as leaking sensitive financial information about the club, in an attempt to then become a part of a consortium interested in purchasing the club – therefore usurping Tony Xia and keeping his near £360,000-a-year job in the process. A number of reports have also stated that various wealthy investors, including New York Yankees shareholder Peter Freund, are ready to bid for the club.

From here, we have Aston Villa’s rocky finances – causing them to owe money  to the Queen (figuratively) and have to take out a couple of loans from the iron bank (or any bank for that matter.  According to a number of sources, Aston Villa are having to take out a loan to pay off their owed tax due to Xia’s struggles to get money out of China due to their economic reform to try and keep money within the country rather than invested elsewhere. There’s also news of Aston Villa having to sell a plot of land close to Villa Park, the Brookvale parking site, to stump up some cash for the times ahead. It’s almost like the Lannisters (Lions) of Casterly Rock having to take out a loan for their war efforts.

Now in regards to the ‘potential murder’, we might be being a little over dramatic here – but the likes of Stan Collymore and other journalists have said that the situation at Aston Villa is dire and could lead to the club doing a Leeds or even a Portsmouth. We’re hoping that’s not the case, but it doesn’t sound good does it? A dynasty of English football crumbling due to poor direction?

In essence, it’s a turbulent time for Aston Villa – but some of the reports coming from in and around the club genuinely sound  like they could be taken straight from an episode, or page of Game of Thrones. It’s dramatised to gain clicks and make papers more money – and whilst the journalists of the world are likely to be telling some truths, a lot of what we know is speculation.

Keep your head up in the coming weeks. There may just be someone else sitting on the Iron Throne at Villa Park soon.

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