Andre Moreira vs Jed Steer
We used popular game Football Manager, previously used by clubs to scout players and Sky Sports News to report on them to compare the two keepers budding for the spot between the sticks this season.
Words by Regan Foy (@FindFoy) // Follow us on Twitter (@claretandview)

Football Manager is known for getting a lot right, as well as a lot wrong. But with the vast majority of players, their in game states are relatively correct on a player to player basis.

We thought we’d compare current number one Jed Steer, and new ‘signing’ – as he hasn’t officially been announced yet – André Moreira.

Physical Attributes

Automatically we’re going to say that André Moreira wins this one.

Moreira stands at six foot and five inches, a whole three inches higher than Jed Steer. He also prefers to use his right foot, whereas Jed prefers to use his left.

Moreira is heavier than Jed Steer, but not by much – but that could mean the difference between the successful claiming of a corner and being flattened on your way to grab the ball.

According to Football Manager, Moreira is faster, more balanced, fitter and has a higher jumping reach – all of which can be attributed to his goalkeeping ability.

Mental Attributes

Mentally, it’s more of an even playing field.

According to Football Manager, Jed Steer is the nicest of guys, with an aggression rating of only ‘five’ – whereas Moreira could do with some counselling as he has a rating of ‘twelve’.

Andre Moreira comes up on top for anticipation, concentration, decision making, team work and work rate – compared to Jed Steer who comes out on top for bravery, composure, determination, and vision.

We’ll let you make of that what you will.

Goalkeeping Skill

They seem quite even in regards to goalkeeping ability too.

Andre Moreira has a higher aerial reach – which we can attribute to his larger stature – but he also has a higher command of his area, meaning that mistakes in the box or goals from set pieces might be a little less with the Portuguese ‘keeper in the net.

Andre Moreira is also better with his feet, much better it seems, with Steer boasting a first touch of ‘five’ and Moreira hitting double figures with ’10’.

They’re on an even playing field according to Football Manager in regards to their handling of the ball, one on ones and kicking.

Jed is a better passer of the ball, but Moreira trumps Steer on reflexes, rushing out of the net, his tendency to punch the ball and his throwing ability.


The Football Manager scouts pin Jed Steer down as a fairly ambitious goalkeeper with skills in shot stopping – but state that he’d unlikely to improve in the future, detests big matches and is considered somewhat of a peripheral figure in the dressing room. Come to think of it, have you ever seen him on another player’s social media?

For Andre Moreira, the scouts list him as a consistent ‘keeper, who is fairly professional and a shot stopper himself – but they also list him as somewhat of a peripheral figure. Perhaps it’s just a goalkeeper’s trait.

There is of course the potential issue of language, but judging from Andre Moreira’s Instagram, he can write in English pretty well, so he should be able to speak it and communicate just as good.

Moreira seems the most  likely to improve in the future, and could even be better than Jed Steer now, at 22-years-old. If Aston Villa can get an option-to-buy in his loan contract should the deal be announced, it could be worthwhile throwing him in the net sooner rather than later.

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