Yannick Bolasie
We spoke to popular Crystal Palace blog ‘Hopkin Looking to Curl One’ to find out what we can expect from Yannick Bolasie, who appeared 133 times for the club.
Words by Regan Foy (@FindFoy)

With news that Everton’s Yannick Bolasie could be joining Aston Villa on loan imminently, we decided we wanted to get more of an idea of what to expect from the erratic winger.

To do so, we enlisted the help of extremely popular Crystal Palace blog ‘Hopkin Looking to Curl One‘, otherwise referred to as ‘HLTCO’.

Now, before we begin, we asked HLTCO as Bolasie hasn’t has the easiest times at Everton due to a long-term injury – so we thought we’d get a better insight from fans of Crystal Palace.

What kind of player was Bolasie before he joined Everton, and had his awful injury?

Yannick has the ability to be incredible and infuriating on numerous occasions in the same game, and often in the same 10 minutes. 

He’s undoubtedly lost a yard or two of pace since his long-term injury at Everton, which seems to have had a detrimental impact on his game as a whole.

Where is Bolasie stronger, on the right wing or the left?

He’s so random that it’s difficult to pin down which flank he’s more effective on. 

He’s put in bundles of fantastic crosses from either side, and an equally large number of stinkers too.

From his time at Palace – what kind of impact can Yannick have on a dressing room?

In terms of his impact in the dressing room, he’s a fantastic asset to any club. 

He and Wilfried Zaha struck up an immediate and strong bond at Palace, and remain extremely good friends to this day. On Monday night, Bolasie’s Instagram story saw him re-living our 3-3 draw with Liverpool as it was being shown on Sky, before he went on to congratulate Wan-Bissaka for his performance. 

All of that, despite the fact he left for Everton two years ago. It’s impossible not to like him as a bloke. 

Should Aston Villa fans be more excited or concerned about the potential signing?

It’s genuinely impossible to tell how you’ll feel about Bolasie, given the erratic nature of his game and his recent injury struggles. 

Whilst with Palace, he was a huge fan favourite – but in truth,  we’re the only club he’s ever truly shone for.  

Everton thought they were getting a well-rounded footballer and as we all knew at the time, that isn’t and never will be the case. 

He’s capable of jaw-dropping moments of brilliance, but following his injury, those may be fewer and further between than ever before. 

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