We’ve decided to rebrand The Claret and View – we’re still the same content – just under a fresh new name.
Words by Regan Foy (@FindFoy)

After a year and seven months, we’ve decided to rebrand The Claret and View.

This doesn’t mean we’re changing our content, the way we write or anything like that, it just means we’re moving in a different direction with how we present ourselves online.

In July 2017, I founded The Claret and View and soon recruited a number of writers – two of whom still write for us to this day. We’ve lost some writers along the way, but we’re thankful of everyone that has been involved in what the blog is and was up to this point.

Since we started, we’ve been a finalist for a national award and been listed as an influential blog to look out for in 2019. We’re looking forward to the award season this year and we’re hoping to be nominated once again.

So really, we’re only changing our name. The Claret and View at the time seemed smart, funny and catchy. But as time went on, it felt like it was holding us back more than anything else. It’s a little juvenile, and it can easily be confused for other clubs that play in the similar claret and blue of Aston Villa, such as West Ham and Burnley.

We’ve decided to change to ‘Under A Gaslit Lamp’, paying homage to that very day that the club was founded under, you guessed it, a gaslit lamp. We feel that this name shows the club we write about better than our previous name, but also provides us with a true sense of identity. 

To celebrate, we’re giving three people the opportunity to win an item of their choice from the Aston Villa store, a copy of Football Manager 2019, or an item from the Luke 1977 store below £30.

Just visit our Twitter to enter.

Thank you as always for your support.

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