We sat down and discussed the future of Jack Grealish, and whether he’s likely to leave come the summer.
Words by Regan Foy (@FindFoy)


We here at Under A Gaslit Lamp sat down last night to discuss the future of talismanic midfielder Jack Grealish and whether he’s likely to leave in the summer in the likely event that Aston Villa find themselves resigned to another season in the Sky Bet Championship.

We’re going to post the conversation that followed the simple question, “Does anyone think Grealish will leave next season?”

Matt: I’m still leaning towards yes – but a dodgy injury record and lack of playing time may make people look elsewhere.

Harry: I think it’s likely, but then again I’m not sure he’s done enough this season to attract a big Premier League club.

Regan: I don’t think he’ll leave. I’m fairly sure he’s got a release clause after signing the new contract. Who is going to want to pay that amount for a player who has missed a good seven months of football in the last two seasons?

Matt: True. It’ll take a brave club to take that risk, but teams will know all about him. He’s not even in his prime yet so I think a team like Tottenham Hotspur will see it as being worthwhile.

Mark: I don’t think he has any value at the moment due to his injury woes. He’ll play for Aston Villa next season.

Regan: That’s true. I don’t think Levy would stump up that much for a player who’s been crocked so often.

Mark: Compare his stats this year to last year. Spurs won’t do a deal for him. I could see Watford or Palace putting a bid in for him, however.

Regan: At that price?

Mark: It might sound crazy, but his time has passed for a club in the top eight in my opinion. His injuries will have killed his value a little.

Matt: I don’t think he will leave Aston Villa unless it is to a top top club.

Harry: If he moves to the likes of Watford, I’m actually going to be really annoyed.

Mark: Businessmen and fans don’t sit in the same room for a reason. I don’t mean to cause a rift, but I think the time has passed for him to be a Premier League standard player in the next year or two. Clubs judge on form, Jack has none at the moment.

Matt: I’m still convinced he could get into a top club. He offers things that basically every club is missing. He’s so unique. It’s definitely true about form, but maybe someone has as much faith in him as us.

Mark: I think Villa supporters are a little bamboozled with how good Jack is for us. I cannot personally see him having the same commitment with another club. I’ve seen this happen in a ton of American sports and it rarely, rarely, works for the buying club.

Regan: I don’t think he’d get anywhere near as much game time anywhere else.

Mark: He won’t. He will have to prove himself. He doesn’t have to do that at Villa.

Matt: Really, it’s just a toss up between his boyhood club and the Premier League isn’t it. Because we’re doing a great job of making sure that the two birds can’t be killed with one stone this season.

Mark: Let’s not forget the human aspect. If his heart isn’t in t, he won’t perform. That’s how the cookie crumbles. It blows. I don’t like it. But there’s no way he’s going to perform the way he does at a different club. I’d put money on it.

Regan: But the start of the season? His heart wasn’t in it. He’s admitted his head had been turned and it was visible on the pitch.

Mark: Let his head turn. In my opinion I think he knows in his heart its Villa or bust.

So there you are. We didn’t plan this article, just sat and talked about Jack, and thought the comments made were interesting enough to share.


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