Tyrone Mings has endeared himself to the Aston Villa faithful in just four games at the club. His future at the club is bright, should he sign in the summer.
Words by Matt Blog (@Blogg_Matt)

Signed on loan from Bournemouth in January, Tyrone Mings has thrived on the left side of a centre back partnership with Tommy Elphick and has endeared himself to the fans without any trouble.  His unwavering attitude, his infectious passion and the unquestionable ability he boasts all come together to create the perfect mould for a favourite around Villa Park, and he isn’t even a Villa player.

This season has seen the rise of some genuine fan favourites in the form of John McGinn and Tammy Abraham, and Tyrone Mings has rapidly joined that list. He has only played four games for Villa, and still actually has zero victories to his name, but has been a stand out player in all of those matches for his passion and leadership, as well as being exactly what Villa were missing. Villa were crying out for a left footed centre back, and when Mings was brought in by Dean Smith, many fans will have been sceptical due to his lack of game time and previous form, but all those doubts have been quashed within a month, and there are endless calls for him to be made captain over Alan Hutton, which personally I would be 100% on board with. 

 James Chester will always have the armband when he plays, but while he is out then who better to wear it than Mings? One of few leaders on the pitch, he is the player who seems to keep the team going in the tough times on the pitch, always encouraging and fighting for everything. He got a booking for protesting a decision to give a corner against West Brom, and while that obviously falls into the category of ‘soft bookings’, it does demonstrate his winning mentality, something that the fans can’t get enough of.

 After the (disgusting) cheer as Hourihane was subbed off against the Baggies, Mings ran over to him, encouraging him and keeping his spirits high, and these are exactly the qualities that Villa need at the moment. Going through a very tough spell, players that stand up and take responsibility can never be underestimated, and Mings is that man right now. Along with McGinn, he seemed to be the only man against West Brom with any real fight, and he has endeared himself to the fans just as quickly as the popular Scotsman. 

 The only problem is Mings isn’t ours, and there isn’t a deal for him to become ours in the Summer in place either, so this could end up being a very short love story. It is already clear to Villa fans that he is Premier League quality, so the fear of him not deciding to sign permanently in the Summer is certainly justified, but that worry needs to be put to the back of people’s minds for now. Just enjoy him being here. He is a quality defender, he is the leader we are missing, he is an absolute unit, he cares more about this club than some fans by the looks of it, and he wants to do well. There is nothing more that Villa fans want, hence why he has become a fan favourite in just four games.

 Pride. Passion. Purpose. All things Villa are trying to associate with the club, and in Tyrone Mings, Villa have found a player who demonstrates all these qualities, while actually improving the team and helping the club move forward. If Villa had eleven players with Ming’s heart, there would be no displeasure from the stands, and the current toxicity of Villa Park would certainly not be a problem.

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