The hit football management simulation series has been used by clubs to scout players, and by Sky Sports News to reveal the traits of a new transfer. We take a look at Football Manager 2019, and how some of our talents are rated by their scouting team. 


Words by Regan Foy (@FindFoy)

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Every year there’s a new wonderkid on the block in real life it seems, but this player has likely been discovered by players of Football Manager years beforehand. 

There’s a lot of quality within the club in real life, but also on the game too. The game is generally pretty accurate in unearthing gems or predicting the scale of a player’s talent, as they send specific club researchers to develop a concrete understanding of those players with potential. 

In the past, the game’s database has been used as a scouting tool by professional clubs, as well as by Sky Sports News to develop a deeper understanding of a club’s new transfer.

We’ve taken a look at the most exciting players at Aston Villa, according to the hit game series.

Jack Grealish

This one surely won’t come as a surprise to any Aston Villa supporter.

Talisman Jack Grealish is one of the best players at the club when the game starts, and has the potential to take it a step further. 

With key attributes in his dribbling ability, flair and natural fitness, he’s one of, if not the best attacking midfielder in the Sky Bet Championship. 

Often on the game, he transfers to the likes of Chelsea or West Ham United.

And yes, he gets capped by England. But only when he moves, or Aston Villa are promoted.

Current Ability: 4/5 || Potential Ability: 4.5/5

Callum O’Hare

The youngster often touted to be Grealish’s replacement should that day come isn’t far off being a first team player according to the game.

Whilst he requires a little more refining than Jack – that comes with age. 

However, the game predicts that O’Hare, with the right development could become even better than Super Jack himself, and transfers within the game have seen him join Southampton at the age of 22 for fees of around £30m.

Current Ability: 2.5/5 || Potential Ability: 5/5

James Bree

At times this season, James Bree has been called upon and shown why Steve Bruce rated him highly enough to purchase him.

The now 21-year-old isn’t quite ready for the first team according to the game, but could become an astute right-back in the future.

Current Ability: 2.5/5 || Potential Ability: 4.5/5

Andre Green

 Andre Green is another of those players who seems to have been rated by fans for years, but has only recently started getting a run-in in the squad in real life.

The game has Andre Green tipped to become a future England international alongside Jack Grealish, and become a real potent attacking force on either side of the wing.

Current Ability: 2.5/5 || Potential Ability: 4.5/5

 Mitchell Clark

 Mitch Clark currently finds himself out on loan at Port Vale, and according to Staffordshire news outlets hasn’t had any contact with Dean Smith – despite his contract running out in the summer.

The game sees him as being almost on a similar level to Green and Bree, but with the potential to surpass them both.

Current Ability: 2.5/5 || Potential Ability: 5/5

Rushian Hepburn-Murphy

The game has Rushian, who also seems like he’s been around the first team for quite some time, tipped for greatness.

However, a lack of playing time on the game and a few injuries usually sees his potential ability drop heavily.

Current Ability: 2/5 || Potential Ability: 5/5

Honourable mentions:

Jake Doyle-Hayes and Corey Blackett-Taylor share similar skill levels as well as their double barrelled surnames. Both players are shown as being 2.5 star current ability, with potential to hit four star.

Harvey Knibbs, Jack Clarke and Harry McKirdy are all relatively poor at the start of the game, but could hit levels of 3.5 star – which are future Premier League level players. This is the same for U18 players Jacob Ramsey, Dimitri Sea and Colin Odutayo.

Keinan Davis, with the right development and lack of injuries can become a future England international.

It’s important to note that these ‘scout’ reports are relevant to the quality of players currently at the club, so for those players that are tipped for huge development, they are truly the ones to look out for. 


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