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We spoke to Aston Villa Women newbie Marisa Ewers on her transfer, Gemma Davies and more.

Words by Regan Foy | @FindFoy


It’s been a busy day for the Aston Villa Women ahead of their first pre-season friendly in seventeen days against Stoke City, as they’ve confirmed the signings of Marisa Ewers, Melissa Johnson and Ella Franklin-Fraiture.

We sat down with the first of those signings to be announced, Marisa Ewers, to get the low down on her move.

Firstly, welcome to Aston Villa Women. What attracted you to this move?

Aston Villa are such a big and traditional club. I was looking for a new challenge, and found it here.

The club has a whole has a rich and interesting history, did this play a factor in your move?


I am excited to be a part of this club and play a role in its history.

What have your conversations with Head Coach Gemma Davies been like? Did she play a part in convincing you to join – or was it a case of not needing much convincing?

I knew Gemma before joining the club, and I know that she is a decent coach with a lot of humour.

The decision wasn’t hard anyway, but knowing her is good, it makes you trust in her vision and philosophy.

Have you met any of your team-mates yet? If not, are you aware of any players in the side?

I know Aston Villa Women have a lot of young and talented players.

I’m excited to get to know everyone and play alongside them.

Knowing her [Gemma Davies] is good. It makes you trust in her vision and philosophy.

Marisa Ewers on Head Coach Gemma Davies

Tell us about your game. What sets you apart from other players?

I anticipate and read the game really well, and I’m hoping to bring this to the team and help to lead them on the pitch.

What are you hoping to achieve at your first season at the club?

I want to help get Aston Villa Women promoted.

That’s my main goal, and I’m positive that together we can reach it.

Aston Villa Women seem to be in a positive transition period away from the pitch currently – is this something that excites you?


The club are headed in the right direction and they have a clear vision for how success can be achieved.

This is running right through from the people at the top of the club.

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