The deal to see Tyrone Mings join Aston Villa on a permanent basis is now complete according to sources – with an official announcement imminent.

Words by Mark Jirobe | @VillaMarkPGH


There have been rumours, speculation, lies, truths and facts told about Tyrone Mings ever since Aston Villa won the Championship Play-Off Final and returned to the Premier League. 

“He won’t sign, Bournemouth will never let him go after what he showed at Villa.”

“Mings is Villa through and through. There’s no way he stays at Bournemouth!” 

“Probably not going to splash the cash for Mings.”

“Just imagine if Villa gets Mings in for our first year back in the top flight.” 

“His injury record will stop Villa from signing him.”

It’s almost comical how quickly fate can turn in the game of football. 

Today, Tyrone Mings is officially an Aston Villa player. Villa splashed a bit of cash to get their man, to the tune of £20,000,000 rising to £26,500,000. Much to the delight of every Villa supporter, regardless of the price tag, the club is getting a player who not only understands the club but also understands the standard that is expected. No one could have foreseen the cult-like status that Mings earned when brought in on loan in January from Bournemouth. Villa supporters mostly knew only a few things about Mings when came in: he could play left-back and centreback, he had a tempestuous time with injuries in the past and he had a meteoric rise through the English leagues.

What Villa fans did not know about was the leadership, the bravado, the skill and the personality that Mings possesses. They were blissfully unaware of a then 25-year-old’s ability to inspire, produce when it mattered most and smile all while doing so. 

Tyrone Mings is already very revered at Aston Villa and only for the best of reasons. To call Tyrone Mings a ‘man mountain’ is a fun exercise in attempting to explain his ability on a football pitch. In reality, an ‘agile giant’ would be a better use of vernacular and prose. Mings stunned Villa supporters this past season with how easy he made being a defender in the Championship appear. His sly trickery on the ball in his own defensive third provoked smiles and shaking of heads for anyone who was lucky enough to watch him throughout his 18 games for Villa last season. The passing ability of the 6’3″ defender did not wane merely because of his size, either. Mings would constantly and consistently ping passes all over the pitch when the opportunity presented itself, while still maintaining his defensive responsibilities. Adventurous passes that most defenders of his size would rarely make often seemed to land exactly where his teammates were or were headed towards. 

These are all examples of why Tyrone Mings could be a big-time player for Aston Villa for years to come. The player is already familiar with the structure and players at Aston Villa, which is a huge plus and matters greatly. Some may scoff at the price tag for the towering centre-back, some may even scoff at his injuries in the past, but the ball is now in Mings’ half of the pitch. It is now up to him, and himself only to keep producing moments of magic for Aston Villa. The first season back in the Premier League after the promotion is vital for any club. But, this is a signing that will solidify more than just a clubs defence. 

This particular signing has the makings of solidifying a clubs entire future.

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