Sian Rogers Interview Under A Gaslit Lamp

We spoke to Aston Villa Women goalkeeper Sian Rogers on the investment in the side, their push for promotion this season and much more.

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We spoke to Aston Villa Women goalkeeper Sian Rogers after their 2-1 victory against Everton, where she discusses the investment in the side, the backing from the club, their push for promotion and much more.

The season is rapidly approaching and things are starting to normalise a little bit within the footballing calendar – how have you found the time away from the Women’s side, and in retrospect, the return to training and pre-season friendlies?

“At the end of the season, all you want is a break – but then you just want to get playing again.

We were all excited to get back to the football.”

With Aja Aguirre departing this summer, do you expect another goalkeeper to join to battle it out against you for the number one spot? How confident are you at retaining that spot?

“I’ve got huge respect for any goalkeeper that comes in.

It would be a massive help for me to have someone there that can experience what I’m experiencing and knows what I’m going through if I’m going through a bit of a rough patch. I can lean on them for support.

Someone there to push you, and give you the opportunity to help them if they need it, goalkeepers stick together.

You pulled off some stellar saves last season, but what’s one part of your game you feel you need to improve on?

“I’d probably say dealing with through balls.

Being confident enough to come out. If I get clattered, I get clattered.

I don’t mind getting clattered for a cross, it’s the same really.”

With the likes of Manchester United and Tottenham Hotpsur now playing in the WSL, do you think there’s a more even playing field in the league now?


I think everyone sees an opportunity now where they can push on into the Women’s Super League as well.

We’ve shown we can compete against those teams, especially Spurs last season.

We set a standard last season and now we’ve got to try and carry that on, push ourselves a little more, expect a bit more from each-other.

We’re capable of moving up a league, it’s just about getting the fundamentals right now – so when the transition comes it’s an easier process.”

Speaking of the league, are the girls prepared for a promotion push this season? Is that the goal?


It’s something the club needs now. The next step is to push for promotion.

Finishing mid-table after the start we had last season was a tremendous achievement. A lot of people highlighted our improvement.

We expect ourselves, and expect each-other to be pushing for promotion.

The club’s ambitions in terms of their backing, we’re so thankful for it – and we’ve got to pay them back for it now with hard work.”

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There’s been a lot of investment in terms of the team this year, how impressed have you been with the club’s business during the summer?

“I think it’s a massive help to us.

It shows the club are willing to take the Women’s side seriously, which can only improve us and the women’s game in general.

When a big side like Aston Villa backs their women’s team, it shows they’re willing to push the women’s game forward.”

What’s the atmosphere like around the club at the moment? Is there a buzz?

“Everyone just wants the season to start.

Nobody likes pre-season, especially all the hard-work and fitness.

We’re all just excited for the games to start rolling in.”

How important is the opening game of the season for the Ladies? Last season’s opening game knocked a little bit of wind from your sails – are you looking to replicate the form shown towards the end of last season?

“I think the first game of the season can help build a platform for the rest of the season.

Obviously, you’d like to win it, if you don’t – it’s not the end of the world. There’s more games to come after it.

But we’ll definitely be trying to win our first game, as it’ll stand us in good stead and give us momentum going forwards into the other games.”

An audio version of this interview will be available as part of our podcast release this week.

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