Gather ‘Round The Lamp isn’t going anywhere, but They Arrived as Aztecs will act alongside the ‘main’ podcast.

Words: @findfoy


We are delighted to announce that alongside our regular weekly Aston Villa podcast, Gather ‘Round The Lamp, we will also be making a second podcast.

Neither takes precedent over the other. Gather ‘Round The Lamp: They Arrived as Aztecs will be released weekly, as the other podcast is, on a different day. There may be some weeks where the podcast doesn’t come out due to the way that the footballing calendar works.

So, what’s it about?

Aston Villa Women. ‘They Arrived as Aztecs’ will cover everything about Aston Villa Women – and is everything you’re already used to from Regan and Mark – just about a different team under the Aston Villa banner!

So, why Azecs?

Well, the Aston Villa Women, formerly known as the Aston Villa Ladies, had their first affiliation with Aston Villa when they were called the ‘Villa Aztecs’!

It’ll be able to listen to in all the same places – and luckily for you, you won’t need to subscribe anywhere new to listen.

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