In Season 2, Episode 3 of our podcast – Gather ‘Round The Lamp – we discuss whether Aston Villa need more specialised coaching as well as much more.

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Aston Villa now currently have a backroom staff consisting of Dean Smith, the head coach, a number of ‘assistant head coaches’ in the form of Craig Shakespeare, Richard O’Kelly and John Terry, and the goalkeeper coach Neil Cutler.

In the latest episode of Gather ‘Round The Lamp, our Aston Villa podcast where we cover the men’s side, we discuss whether the top side in Birmingham needs to invest in more specialist coaching to improve themselves further.

An example of this would be Thomas Gronnemark, Liverpool’s ‘throw-in coach’, who has made the Merseyside side one of the most formidable sides from throw-ins, allowing them to retain possession from throws under pressure 68.4% of the time – putting them only behind FC Midtjylland, who also have the same coach.

The discussion is sparked on the podcast as talk centres around Neil Cutler and his role as the side’s goalkeeping coach and set-piece coach, and how his perspective as a former goalkeeper can help both defending and attacking set-pieces through the experience of the man between the sticks.

Other discussion within the podcast centres around the arrival of Bertrand Traoré, the revolving door of goalkeepers at the club, Aston Villa’s first competitive game of the season against Burton Albion and much much more.

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