In Season 2, Episode 9 of our podcast, Gather ‘Round The Lamp – we discuss the good and bad of Villa Park, the height within the squad and dissect the loss to Southampton.

Words: Under A Gaslit Lamp Team | @VillaLamp


In the latest episode of the Gather ‘Round The Lamp podcast, Regan (@findfoy), Mark (@VillaMarkPGH) and Andy (@k2_villa) reunite as a trio for the first time in a few episodes to discuss a number of interesting topics.

There’s discussion about the impact of an empty Villa Park, where thoughts centre around how fans being in the stadium may have aided in performances against Southampton and Leeds – as well as discussion as to whether results like the Liverpool one would have ever happened with a full house.

There’s also a deep dive into the Southampton game as the team dissect what went wrong and what needs to improve, taking a look at the specifics and mistakes in Aston Villa’s display despite a spirited second-half revival.

Conversation turns to the height of Aston Villa’s squad and starting eleven and whether through picking more agile, flair players like Douglas Luiz and Trezeguet plays as a detriment in defending set pieces following McGinn’s marking of Vestergaard for the Saints’ first goal.

As the podcast edges towards its conclusion, there’s also discussion surrounding the upcoming Arsenal game and what the team expects going into this weekend.

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