In Season 2, Episode 11 of our podcast, Gather ‘Round The Lamp – we discuss Scotland’s win against Serbia, England and Jack Grealish, Marcus Rashford MBE and his charitable efforts and preview the Brighton game.

Words: Under A Gaslit Lamp Team | @VillaLamp


In the latest episode of the Gather ‘Round The Lamp podcast, which we recorded whilst streaming live on, Regan (@findfoy), Mark (@VillaMarkPGH) and Andy (@k2_villa) are back to discuss and dissect everything about the International Break.

There’s talk about Scotland’s qualification and what this could mean for McGinn moving forward after achieving a lifelong dream, as well as a look at the England internationals in which Jack Grealish appeared in all three games.

There’s also discussion about Marcus Rashford MBE and his charitable efforts, the attempts to tarnish his achievements in the press and comparisons between Mesut Ozil’s situation at Arsenal despite his own charitable efforts.

The podcast ends with discussion about the impending Brighton game.

We apologise for any sound issues during this podcast.

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