In Season 2, Episode 12 of our podcast, Gather ‘Round The Lamp – we discuss the loss against Brighton, Kortney Hause, Gabby Agbonlahor’s comments and Aston Villa topping a table they shouldn’t be.

Words: Under A Gaslit Lamp Team | @VillaLamp


In the latest episode of the Gather ‘Round The Lamp podcast, without the presence of Mark – Regan (@findfoy) and Andy (@k2_villa) are back to discuss the loss to Brighton and much more.

There’s also talk about the usefulness of Kortney Hause and the issue of having a backline that may be too comfortable in their starting roles, where the conversation also turns to the likes of Bjorn Engels.

Conversation then moves on to Gabby Agbonlahor’s comments on Trezeguet and why the former Villan shouldn’t be digging out current players on social media.

The podcast covers the potential return of fans to stadiums across the country, and also a negative aspect of fans – as Aston Villa top the table for the highest reports of hate crime for last season.

That, and much more in an hour long episode.

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