It’s award season as we celebrate the best players and biggest moments across Aston Villa this season.

Words: Regan Foy | @findfoy


As we’ve reached the end of the Aston Villa Women season and are close to the end of the men’s campaign, it’s time for awards season, as we at Under A Gaslit Lamp celebrate the best players, the biggest moments and more in the world of the Villans.

Outstanding Achievement: Tyrone Mings

Our outstanding achievement award goes to Tyrone Mings, who not only is a leader on the pitch, but has become a true leader away from it.

Mings has lead discussions on important issues surrounding racism in and outside of football, as well as being a major spokesperson regarding mental health.

The defender has spoken candidly about his own experiences of mental health in the past, and has been a major part of the journey towards equality in football.


Mings, who enjoyed an excellent season on the pitch as Aston Villa matched clean-sheet records set a decade ago, has also become the face of a number of campaigns this season.

The Aston Villa defender has transcended football this season, showcasing that he is a well-spoken thought leader that needs to be listened to.

He is certainly a person and a player to be proud of, and his continued journey at Aston Villa and in the wider game is something to keep an eye on.

We’re proud of you, Tyrone.

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