In Season 2, Episode 2 of our Aston Villa Women podcast – They Arrived As Aztecs – we discuss the unfortunate nature of how mistakes in Women’s football can go viral.

Words: Under A Gaslit Lamp Team | @VillaLamp


Women’s football has the unfortunate issue of mistakes in their games going viral on Twitter – for no reason other than the gender of the players.

In the latest episode of They Arrived As Aztecs, our Aston Villa Women podcast, we discuss how goalkeeper Sian Rogers’ mistake in Villa’s opening game of the Women’s Super League season went hideously viral on Twitter.

Women’s football often hits the mainstream headlines with negative press, despite all of the good and exceptional that happens in England and further afield. The mistake, which was shared heavily across social media was paired with comments like “and they want equal pay” and “this is the so called top level of women’s football” – despite male goalkeepers making similar mistakes in the past. In fact, Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga made an almost carbon-copy mistake last weekend against Liverpool.

The discussion in the podcast addresses the unfortunate challenge that Women’s football in the United Kingdom and further afield have to face moving forwards as the game continues to grow.

Other discussion within the podcast centres around the games against Manchester City Women and Reading Women, as well as upcoming fixtures in the Group Stage of this years Continental Cup.

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